Top 10 USA Universities That Offers Scholarship for International Students

Top 10 USA Universities That Offers Scholarship for International Students: Studying abroad has been one of the things that many people are thinking of. It’s always one of the best things you will accomplish. Few countries and areas provide better quality education relative to others. That is the key explanation that you are seeking to receive a degree in schooling from one of the developing countries.

The greatest difficulty that many find in their search for an international degree is financial support. In order for you to obtain your degree from these developed countries, such as the USA, you need some kind of sponsorship or scholarship to cover college and other expenses. In this post, I would like to highlight the top 10 colleges in the US that give scholarships to international students.

9. The University of Illinois Springfield Scholarship:

One of the best universities in the USA that will grant you a scholarship is the University of Illinois. They have different scholarship positions and financial aid for international students. Whether you are a fresh student or you are transferring from another college, there is a scholarship for you. The amount you receive is an estimate of the tuition fee and the assessment. It is also dependent on student merit.

The University of Illinois Springfield

8. The East Tennessee State University Scholarship:

This university offers scholarships to international students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degree courses. You get a 50% cover for the total tuition fees and maintenance fee. You can use it in your studies in any campus both in and outside the state. The scholarship for international students covers eight semesters for undergraduate students and 5 semesters for graduate courses.

The East Tennessee State University

7. The University of Maine Scholarship:

This is another of the few universities in the US that offer international scholarships. To get your position, you need to apply for your undergraduate degree course. The best thing about the university’s international scholarship policy is that the deadline does not stop you from getting yours. If you submit your application after the set deadline, you may still get funds as per the availability.

The University of Maine Scholarship 

6. The University of Oregon Scholarship:

This is one of the universities that offer a scholarship to people of almost all origins and needs. There are several scholarships, fellowships, and other financial aid that you can take advantage of. It is the time you need to take the step and apply for your scholarship at the University of Oregon to pursue your career.

The University of Oregon Scholarship:

5. Arizona State University Scholarship:

International students take advantage of the New American University Scholarship program and pursue their college degree in the USA. The program is available for the academically talented students from different parts of the world to enroll and graduate with their degrees at Arizona State University. The amount you can receive varies between $3,000 and $8,000.

Arizona State University Scholarship:

4. The Indiana University Southeast Scholarship:

This is one of the largest and famous universities in the Midwest. It is a reputable university that you can enroll for your degree course and expect the best. They offer different scholarships, grants, and financial aid to different students on their campuses. The scholarships vary in terms and the amount you can receive.

 The Indiana University Southeast Scholarship: learn More.

3. Chicago State University Scholarship:

The University aims at empowering the students from different parts of the world to make it through the college. There are different sources and types of scholarships and financial aid you can use to complete your course at the Chicago State University. Students with financial need are considered first.

Chicago State University: Learn more…

2. The American University of Washington DC Scholarship:

The Global Leadership Scholarship is a program by the American University to empower international students to accomplish their studies at the college. They will offer you a full scholarship that covers all the school expenses that you need like tuition fees and hostel fees.

The AU Global Leader Scholarship does not cover the non-billable expenses like flight tickets, medical cover, and other expenses outside the class. Only undergraduate applicants are welcome to apply for this position. The offer is renewable for up to four years. However, only one student gets the scholarship each intake.

The American University of Washington DC Scholarship: Learn more

1. The George Washington University Scholarship:

This university offers scholarships for international students that are enrolling in graduate courses. It is intended to empower foreign students with the knowledge to go back and impact their county. To qualify for this program, you must not have studied or worked in any country other than your home country.

The students need to be holders of the F-1 visa. You must also be from among the few chosen countries that will receive the fellowship scholarship. A maximum of three graduates will benefit from the fellowship each year. You can refer to the university website for further instructions on how to apply.

George Washington University Scholarship: Learn More

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